A bright discEdit

IMG 3176 - Copy (2)

Location: Woudrichem, the Netherlands

Date and time: 6 October, 2010, at 6.12 pm

Description: A bright disc in at dusk

A metal sphereEdit

IMG 4109 - kopie (2) Location: Amsterdam, the NetherlandsDate and time: 21 March, 2009, at around 3 pmDescription: A metal sphere in the sky ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A disc in the skyEdit

Kopie van IMG 9620 Location: Prague, Czech RepublicDate and time: 23 August, 2009, at around 8 amDescription: a long disc - like object ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A strange shape in the skyEdit

IMG 4265 - kopie Location: Woudrichem, the NetherlandsDate and time: 29 March, 2009 at around 5 pmDescription: A strange shape ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A discEdit

Kopie van IMG 0631

Location: Rome, Italy

Date and time: 25 October, 2009, at around 12 pm

Description: a disc - like object in the sky

A couple of ufos above the border between Belgium and the NetherlandsEdit

IMG 2774 (2)

Location: the border between the Netherlands and Belgium

Date and time: 24 August, 2008, at around 9 am

Description: three discs in the sky. Two discs at the bottom left corner and one at the top right corner. The one at the top right corner has lights on.

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